Clinic Consultations

You can visit a Naturopathic or Nutritional consultant at our Brisbane based clinic for a face to face consultation.
We would like to get an accurate picture of your current health state and evaluate how to best assist you to achieve your
desired health outcome efficiently, with understanding and care.

What to expect during the your first consultation:

The main focus of our personalised treatment strategy is to eliminate any underlying factors that could be preventing you being at your best on all levels.

This may involve further investigations via a naturopathic referral such as hormonal, nutritional,genetic, gut/liver/kidney function tests which will be performed by a Functional pathology laboratory close to you.

Once the cause is determined, treatment involves dietary correction, gut reconditioning programs, adrenal/Nervous system re-balancing as well as immune strengthening.

A full check up involving an instant blood test on the day to assess your current health status. We also check your blood pressure as part of the overall health assessment. It is advisable to bring any recent pathology tests along to your first consultation. At the end of the first session it will be determined if further investigations are necessary and you will be given a treatment protocol according to your personal needs.

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Initial consultations: $190 Follow up consultations: $140

Please note that due to COVID-19 regulations we are primarily offering Telehealth consultation. If you urgently require an in clinic consultation please contact us on: [email protected]

Health Fund Rebates

We offer HICAPS services at our clinic which means that you can claim your eligible Private Health fund rebate on the spot and only pay the gap of your appointment fee. Your rebate amount on your appointment depends on your level of cover with your individual health fund.

Please refer to your health policy to find out which services you are entitled to receive rebates on (you must be covered for Naturopathy or Nutritional medicine to be able to claim).