Hormonal Migraines

Hormonal fluctuations can worsen or bring on a migraine. A drop at the end of your cycle before your period starts can be a trigger or too much oestrogen from a lack of detoxification through the liver and gut can trigger an inflammatory cascade involving histamine.

Things you can do to treat hormonal migraines;

– Support your progesterone pathways naturally using herbs such as chaste tree, Wild Yam and nutrients such as Lutein, found in red fruit and vegetables, which plays a vital role in progesterone production

– natural progesterone creams available from your GP – protects the brain from the oestrogen drop before your period and reduces the histamine response

– If you are experiencing Migraines after your period – it could be related to an iron deficiency. The menstrual blood loss can be a migraine trigger if you are iron deficient

– Magnesium and Vitamin B2 are also very effective Migraine treatments

– Food sensitivities can play a huge role in the treatment of Migraines – Gluten in particular has been found to be a trigger.

– Get your hormones and nutrient levels checked.

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