Online Consultations

What is the online consultation process?

Whether you live interstate or would prefer to have a consult in the comfort of your own home, you can definitely still consult with us via Skype or Phone Appointments.

Many of our clients who live all over Australia or overseas cannot visit the clinic in person. You will receive the same benefits from your phone or Skype session as from a face to face consultation at our clinic. Supplements and pathology test kits can easily be posted directly to your door or arranged for collection.

Book in via the booking link and click on phone consultation.

Our Natology receptionist will get in touch with you prior to your consultation to answer questions you may have prior to your appointment and obtain blood results from your GP you may want to have reviewed by your practitioner prior to your consult to ensure you get a maximum benefit from your session.

You can choose if you would like to connect with your practitioner on Skype or over the phone and our receptionist will gather your skype or phone details before your appointment, so the practitioner can contact you.

What happens after your online appointment?:

After your appointment your practitioner will put together a comprehensive treatment plan.

If necessary, dietary recommendations, script for any recommended products and a referral for any further tests will be provided.

In case you and your practitioner have agreed to do some Functional pathology tests such as allergy, hormone, vitamin panels etc. you will get a test kit or form sent to your home to which will enable you to do some of the tests at home or you may be sent to a laboratory to get blood drawn.

Supplements or herbal formulations can be sent directly to your home or you can pick them up from our clinic at a time which suits you best.

We will review your progress within a 2 to 4-week period to make any necessary adjustments to make sure you receive the best care and achieve your health goals as quickly as possible.


Initial consultations: $150 Follow up consultations: $140

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