Natology clinic – Director Sarah Henschel

I truly believe it is essential to feel like you are in total control of your health with someone who understands your needs, listens and works with you to find what is best for you.
There is no one fits all approach with me.
My goal is to search for the underlying cause of your symptoms through careful case taking, the right pathology test for your personal needs to find a solution to get your health back on track. Every person is unique and there is a solution to every health challenge.
I want to empower my patients to be proactive about their health and really understand their body and health needs. I will explain your blood test results and the full picture, we are a team and I believe that health education plays a vital part in recovery and the long-term health picture.
My mission is to merge natural and conventional medicine.

In 2009 I founded Natology – a successfully run nutritional medicine practice focusing on a range of general health conditions in collaboration with doctors and psychologists using an integrative model. With over 14 years of experience in private practice as an Australian qualified Naturopath and clinical Nutritionist,I can now share my knowledge with my patients and colleagues.
Having been certified under European medical standards, I am able to see at my patients health conditional from a medical and natural medicine point of view.



Sarah Henschel
Natology Founder and Director, qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist


  • Male and female Hormonal health
  • Fertility and pre- and post pregnancy care
  • Skin conditions, Acne
  • Women´s health conditions – PCOS, Endometriosis, PMS, Menopause
  • Gut health, SIBO, IBS, gut infections, Ulcerative Colitis, Chron´s disease, Eosinophilic Eosophagitis food allergy testing
  • Auto-immune/immune management, infectious diseases
  • Mental health/ burn out – anxiety, sleep issues

Sarah is the founder and director of the Natology clinic. She is certified to practice under Australian and European standards as a registered clinical Naturopath and Nutritionist with a special interest in women´s health, fertility and pre-/postpartum pregnancy care as well as hormonal issues, immune conditions and gastrointestinal diseases.
With over 14 years of extensive clinical experience, her treatment strategies are precisely formulated to fit your own individual needs. Sarah works closely with GP´s and provides testing pathology testing using standard Australian laboratories and Nutripath functional medicine labs for her patients to achieve the most accurate results.

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