How pimples can pinpoint health issues

Did you know that each area of your face represents an area of your health?
What is pimples could be a side effect of that annoying bloated tummy you have had since that trip to Bali last year?

Let me tell you about a naturopathic trick called Face mapping…

Let’s look at each area of the face and explore what underlying health issues might be causing acne.

Forehead – small red pimples are often seen in this area, this section represents the liver. If you have been constipated for a few weeks or longer or have been drinking too much, had anti-biotics or any type of drugs from an illness – this area will affected. The first thing here is to avoid triggers, get your diet cleaned up, water, water , water and a really good liver detox.

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Cheeks – if your skin generally breaks out in this area it might be a food allergy. Are you drinking too much milk? Has bread been part of your diet too much? What about colourings in foods (smarties, Coke Zero, jelly babies).. More specifically, this area represents the small intestines, if you have experienced IBS, bloating and tummy pains. This is something to get checked out thoroughly.

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jawline – this one is well known, if you skin tends to break out in this area it is often due to a hormonal issue. Try to play closer attention to when the skin looks more inflamed or the texture of the pimples changes. Is it closer to your period or more mid-cycle, ovulation plays a big part here. Long cycles more than 33 days or PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) can be an underlying cause. Try to avoid coffee and sugar and reduce stress as a first line of defence to give your hormones a chance to balance out. A great App is which allows you to track your cycle and share it with your GP or health care practitioner to gain an accurate picture of your hormonal status.

Shoulders, chest and back – this area is another hormonal sign. Generally this is caused by high Testosterone levels. Too much stress can trigger high Testosterone levels in women.

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