Services at Natology:

We thrive to provide you with a scientific, holistic and educational approach to solving your health issues with Natural Medicine and Nutrition.

•       Naturopathic and Nutritional consultations online, via phone, through Skype or in person

•       Tailored natural health care solutions you can access from the co

Please note, that Naturopathic and nutritional consultations are covered partially or fully by most private health funds.


What to expect at your first consultation:

Your initial consultation entails the gathering of information regarding your current and past health status.

We generally advise our patients to e-mail a copy of the most recent blood test results through to your Naturopathic practitioner prior to the consultation.

Please allow 75-90mins for your first session.

Afterwards your practitioner will craft a personalized health plan for you which often involve further pathology test ordering.

Your remedies can be sent to your home address directly or be picked up from our Brisbane clinic following your consultation.