Food Allergy testing – includes tests and phone consult*


Are you unsure what foods are triggering your gut symptoms?
Do you experience symptoms of IBS,skin breakouts, bloating or unsure of what to eat?

This test will give you a clear answer of what foods might trigger an immune response.

What is tested?

96 foods – including:

– dairy
– gluten
– fruit
– vegetables
– meat
– eggs
– coffee
– chocolate
– sugars

What else do I get as part of this test?

We offer a phone* or Skype* consultation as part of this test.
You can chat to us about your concerns and get advice from a Nutritional expert on how to manage your diet going forward.

* please note, that we offer phone/Skype consults only for this type of test.
* Please note, that remedies are not included in this offer


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