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Weight loss hormone test – includes tests and phone consult*


This test is designed to make sure your Thyroid isn’t blocking weight loss.
Get this test done is you are:

– fatigued
– have trouble keeping weight off
– hair loss
– low libido
– feeling hot or cold more than usual

This test includes a Thyroid hormone test, ensuring your metabolism is working well as well as a Skype/phone consult.*

* please note, that we offer phone/Skype consults only for this type of test.
* Please note, that remedies are not included in this offer

The Thyroid – a delicate butterfly.

Positioned gently just over your wind pipe in the middle of the throat, the thyroid is a sensitive, butterfly-shaped endocrine gland that controls our metabolism, cell growth and repair, energy expenditure and much more. And like the delicate winged creature, the thyroid can be influenced by the slightest of changes.
Disruption to itʼs balance can manifest in a range of symptoms including:
– Anxiety and depression – Unusual weight loss or weight gain – Menstrual irregularities, including infertility – Fatigue and lethargy – Memory loss, confusion and brain fog – Muscle weakness – Lower digestive disturbances – Heightened sensitivity to hot or cold – …. and the list goes on!
Thyroid abnormalities are increasingly prevalent in our current society and the causes are diverse. So what can disturb the equilibrium?
– Consistent stress – Environmental toxins encountered daily
– Fluoride – Chloride – Most plastics (including Teflon)
– Synthetic perfumes and body products – Chemical fertilizers and insecticides.
As you can see, we are exposed to these common elements regularly. At Natology, our practitioners discriminatively evaluate your symptom picture and may recommend further testing to determine how your thyroid is functioning.
Nutritional deficiencies can also precipitate thyroid disfunction. Our naturopaths may also test levels of
– Iodine – Zinc – Selenium – Vitamin D – Iron – And the amino acid Tyrosine
Additional to environmental influences, thyroid autoantibodies can present immune factors contributing to a condition known as Hashimotoʼs disease. This autoimmune thyroiditis is caused by your immune system attacking the thyroid gland, resulting in inflammation, destruction of thyroid tissues and reducing itʼs ability to make hormones. Hashimotoʼs disease is treated differently to other hypothyroid conditions so it is essential to ascertain if this is the underlying factor to your symptoms.


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