Put the Spring in your step!

Can you believe that this time next week Spring will be on our doorstep? Neither can we! We (an everyone else on this planet) absolutely love Spring and cannot wait to shake ourselves out of that Winter Hibernation…

We’re feeling so buzzed about the season ahead, we’re going to share our top 4 tips to shake things up and get ready for sunnier days.

1. Spring Clean – We know, we know, super cliché but hear us out… Spring cleaning is super important not just around the home but in your fridge too! Toss those extra sugary chocolatey treats that are reserved for sweater weather and start to bring some fresh produce back into your life. Strawberries, cherries, pineapples and honeydew are all coming into season so be sure to stock them up while they’re at their best!

2. Re-energise – Okay, it’s time to peel yourself off the couch and get back into things. If you’re finding it a little difficult to get yourself going grab one of our Natalogy Energy Tonics that will help boost your immune system while giving you a natural dose of energy.

3. Move – We’re always told to get ‘Summer Ready’ but everyone knows that the tortoise beats the hare in the end. No, we’re not saying walk around at snail pace, we’re saying you should pace yourself and start moving now. It’ll help both your body and your mind to be in the best shape they can be!

4. Get Outside – Grab a picnic blanket, your friends, kids, fur babies, anyone that’ll come with you and get outside. This season truly is magical so take every chance you can to soak in a bit of Vitamin D (considering sun safety first, of course). Fresh air is great for your mental health and being outdoors will easily lend itself to Tip 3 so let’s get multi-tasking and list ticking!

We’d love to hear about your Spring plans or what you’re favourite thing to do this season is! Head on over to our Facebook or Instagram pages and share your top tip with us!


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