Food intolerances and IBS

How do we know what foods to avoid when it comes to IBS?

Many of us have experienced bloating and stomach cramps after eating too much triple cheese pizza at a party.
The aftermath of what was going to be a fun time amongst friends with that bottle of expensive vino you bought at that fancy new bottle shop around the corner can often result in swearing off A.cheese B. Gluten for weeks. Then you think, was it the wine after all? IBS, which is short for irritable bowel syndrome feels like this every single day which often results in confusion around what to eat and maybe even eliminating entire food groups.
Bloating, cramping and frequent toilet visits are the norm.

Fortunately you can get tested for food intolerances. The test is a simple finger prick test and it can give you information about 96 foods. The lab can check those food molecules against reactive anti-bodies in your blood to then generate an accurate report on each food and your body’s response.

Generally it takes 2-6 months of eliminating food for you to be able to eat these foods again without showing a reaction.

If you want to find out if food is triggering you:

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This test can be done at home and includes a phone/skype consult to help you get back on track straight away.